Are Green Coffee Beans diet pills a useful weight loss supplement? – A Review

Modern studies have revealed that ground green coffee beans, if taken on a daily basis, can play a pivotal role in weight loss.

The green coffee beans are those coffee beans which have not been roasted. When the coffee beans undergoes roasting there is a general reduction in the amount of chemical substance called chlorogenic acid.

It is more commonly known as CGA. Thus we find that green coffee beans have a higher level of CGA when in comparison to the regular coffee beans which are roasted.

The CGA present in green coffee beans have great benefits for conditions related to high glucose level and heart ailments.

The green coffee beans became very popular after it first made its appearance in the Dr Oz Show (2012). The show claimed that the green coffee bean burns fat at a much faster rate. It also claimed that no specific diet or exercise is needed with this.

From where is this product gathered? What are its benefits?

The coffee bean is actually a berry. It contains a seed within it which is used by us to make the coffee that we drink.

The green coffee beans are the seeds that are actually not roasted. These unroasted beans contain CGA which is used as an ingredient in many supplements. The substance helps to block fat and speed up the weight loss activity in the body.

It has other benefits like regulating the post-meal blood sugar level and facilitates carbohydrate absorption.

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How does the green coffee bean help you to lose weight?

The green coffee bean extract has proved to be highly beneficial for those who are looking to lose that extra flab. But how does it actually help you in losing weight? Well, the substance ensures that the body shed fat by

  • Blocking the fats – it successfully blocks those fats which cannot be sued by the body to produce energy.
  • Absorption of carbohydrates – the carbs absorbed by the body helps it to use the available fats in an efficient manner.
  • Regulating blood sugar level after the meals – an extremely high or low level of blood sugar can force a person to behave in a very awkward manner. It may propel them to consume more sugar to keep the energy levels on a high or some people may experience a ‘crash’ when there is a significant drop in the glucose level. Green coffee extract plays a very important role in regulating the blood sugar level after the meals.

The green coffee beans are also available in pill format. Taking the pill before the meal helps to control and regulate the functions of the body. You will be able to follow the diet with which you feel most comfortable.

Additional benefits of coffee bean extract

Apart from the direct benefits of CGA, you will also have better energy levels as the fats stored in your body will function much better. Some people have reported anxiety but that is negligible and the symptoms are similar to that of caffeinated beverages.

The major benefit is that you can burn as much as 1-2 lbs/week and this rate is claimed to be easily sustainable. Usually people can only lose 1 lb/week but with the help of green coffee bean extract, one can manage to shed more flab.

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Why is green coffee bean so popular for weight loss?

The supplement is very popular among both women and men. All have reported that initially they were really surprised at the ease of maintaining the regime.

The supplements need to be taken only 3 times per day just before having the meals. So there is no confusing schedule to follow.

Unlike other products for weight loss, the initial jitters go away very quickly.

Most people lose about 12 lbs over a 12 week period in other weight loss programs. But when you switch to green coffee beans there is a realistic chance of losing up to 24 lbs over the same period provided you are taking it regularly and able to maintain the momentum.

There are so side effects; in fact, people have felt more energized and more confident. So it does seem that green coffee bean is the way to go if you aspire to lose those belly fats that is so difficult to get rid of!

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