10 amazing health benefits of Eggs – The Ideal breakfast & weight loss food

Eating eggs is one of the best ways to get a healthy boost to your routine. However, many people still ignore it as they are not aware about the health benefits of eating eggs. 

They believe that eating them might actually not be good for health or increase cholesterol. If you are not keen on eating eggs regularly then you are definitely missing out some very good nutrition.

To help you make a wiser choice, here are the 10 amazing health benefits of eggs.

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10 Health Benefits of Eggs

1) Eggs help to improve overall performance

The eggs are known to have a high satiety index which basically means that it makes you feel full for a long period of time. A large egg supplies around 6g of high quality protein and a variety of essential nutrients with the sole exception of vitamin C.

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So if you are looking for a perfect breakfast then you must add a glass of orange juice and whole wheat bread. This will help you boost metabolism, perform well in the challenging environment prevalent nowadays. No wonder its also a top fat burning food.

2) It helps in maintaining a good eyesight

A good diet consisting of eggs, broccoli & spinach leads to a 20% decrease in cataracts and other age-related lens degeneration. The yolks of health benefits of eggsthe eggs are very high in lutein & zeaxanthin which are antioxidants that are known to ward off macular degeneration (a deteriorating condition of the eyes).

It accumulates in the eyes where these nutrients play a key role in protecting against the harmful wavelengths of light. Getting enough of lutein and zeaxanthin is, thus, very important from childhood and throughout the life.

This is an commonly unknown benefit of eggs. http://www.healthdiaries.com/eatthis/10-health-benefits-of-eggs.html

3) Eggs can protect our bones

Eggs are considered to be the natural food sources of vitamin D which is also known as the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D plays a huge role in the absorption of calcium and in maintaining the optimum health of the bones.

Eggs, along with dairy products, are known to play a supporting role in the prevention of conditions such as osteoporosis.

4) It supplies you with necessary minerals

Eggs are packed with iron, phosphorous and zinc and is a rich multivitamin source. These minerals are essential for your body. The human body need lots of iron and deficiency of it can lead to tiredness.

Zinc keeps the immune system in good shape and the body convert food into energy. Phosphorous helps in maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Some trace elements like iodine are also present in eggs which are useful in the production of thyroid hormones and selenium. The latter is an anti-oxidant that is helpful in eliminating the risk of cancer.

5) Eggs help in the development of healthy hairs & nails

Many of us are totally unaware that hairs and nails reflect the biochemical imbalances present in the body. The eggs play a key role in the development of healthy hair and nails as it has a high content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Many people have claimed that their hair has grown faster after the inclusion of eggs in their diet. If you are suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin A/vitamin B12/zinc/sulphur, then it is imperative that you have eggs on a daily basis.

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6)Eggs help to reduce the risk of cancer

Eggs are considered to be one of the best sources of choline. In fact, one large egg has about 33% of RDA. Many researchers have proved that a woman who has a high intake of choline is less likely to suffer from ailments such as chest cancer. Since choline is mostly found in the yolk, you can stay away from the white omelets.

7) Eggs are rich in vitamins

An average sized egg is loaded with a lot of vitamins which will help in the overall development of your health. It contains vitamin B2 (helps the body to break down food into energy), vitamin B12 (helps to produce red blood cells), vitamin A (good for eyesight) and vitamin E (helps to fight the free radicals that can lead to cancer).

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Health24’s  article on Benefit of eggs

Authority Nutrition’s Egg benefits

8) Eggs give you protein

Protein is the single most important element in our diet. The proteins are used by the bodies to build new tissues and repair the damaged eggs nutritionones. The eggs are said to be the richest source of protein.

We all know that amino acids are the building blocks with respect to protein but, unfortunately, nine of the amino acids must be derived from the diet only as they are not manufactured by the body.

A complete well-balanced diet must have these nine amino acids as it will help in the development of body tissue and in growth. Eggs, milk and meat are various sources of protein but the egg protein is said to be of the highest quality.

It enjoys a rating of 100 whereas milk is rated at 93 and fish/beef is rated at 75 only. Eggs are very affordable and hence this is easily the most versatile source of protein.This is most commonly known benefits of eggs.

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9)It helps to enhance brain health

The choline present in the eggs help in the development of the fetus and the new-born and memory functions of the elders. Eggs are an excellent source of choline and 1 egg/day ensures that a pregnant woman gets her daily choline requirement.

Choline becomes very important during lactation as the reserves can get depleted during this phase. Eggs also help in the development of fetal brain.

10)Eggs never increases blood cholesterol

Just like raspberry ketones, eggs are a wonderful source of good cholesterol. The egg yolk does have a high cholesterol content of 210mg but there is no relationship between this and the coronary heart disease.

It is important to know that foods high in fat have a much higher impact on heart than the cholesterol present in the eggs. What do you think about these awesome benefits of eggs.

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