Is Hoodia Gordonii diet pill a good weight loss supplement ?

It helps curb the cravings for food and for certain, helps trim down those flabby curves. We’re talking about Hoodia here – an appetite suppressant that benefits from its deep-rooted medicinal properties.

Yes, there are several products available on the market today that embed hoodia. However, the question here is if hoodia really helps people lose weight or is just surviving on its leafless spiny succulent plant looks. Let’s find out…

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Hoodia: A safe weight loss supplement

Hoodia_gordoniiIt all comes down to its basic form – hoodia is basically a cactus-like plant that hails from the semi-deserts of Africa and is known for its some medicinal properties. Hoodia supplement for weight loss, however, works on a faster route by suppressing one’s appetite.

The supplement aids in weight loss by reducing the hunger and thirst for long hours – it is like you can take a trip of hours without food since you won’t really feel hungry. More details on Hoodia official website

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Hoodia is rather a powerful natural appetite suppressant and doesn’t really have any detrimental effects on health. Though there are no hard-stated claims put forth by studies, dietary supplement manufacturers have grabbed onto the sheer appetite suppressing power of this hoodia.

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How does it work?

There is this unique ingredient in Hoodia that basically works on an active mode and aids in reducing hunger. P57 is an appetite suppressing molecule that manufacturers generally have it embedded into their product for speedy results.

Rather, certain clinical studies have revealed that the stated oxypregnane steroidal glycoside (P57) plays a crucial role in killing the cravings for food for a long time. So naturally, you would not really be feeling starving or thirsty – bringing your appetite to a considerable low level.

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To go deeper, the active ingredient in hoodia affects the brain in a way almost as similar as glucose – which is basically fooling the brain into thinking ‘I am not really hungry’. At the same time, P57 eliminates the desire for food and defers the time before cravings for food kicks in.

However, some doctors may not really find it healthy to have your appetite completely taken away. But then again, hoodia functions at the level of hypothalamus to slow down hunger pangs.

This herbal supplement for weight loss also works the same for thirst. It again tricks the brain into thinking that it is well hydrated – which again reduces thirst by a considerable level. If you also include a regular exercise regimen in your lifestyle, you will tend to lose more weight.

Are there any side effects?

No doubt that hoodia is a natural appetite suppressant however it is always wise to ensure there’s a safe road down there. The supplement hoodia-gordonii-plusseriously helps shed flabby muscles by reducing the appetite. Be careful before you consume hoodia as your new weight loss guide.

It could actually drop one’s blood sugar level by a considerable level – subsequently, turning off the natural hunger mechanism in the body. While it sounds enticing to have your hunger mechanism turned off, it may pose a serious threat to your health if proper care is not taken.

The supplement actually sends hunger mechanism into a sleeping mode (something that won’t make you feel hungry) and might even suppress the warning signs.

The same goes for your hydration needs as well – hoodia supplement tends to suppress thirst too. As a result of which, your body can begin to feel dehydrated without you being aware of it.

At the same time, steer clear of Hoodia supplement if you have diabetes or if you are on medication for controlling your blood sugar levels. Unlike most supplements that result into severe side effects, hoodia is safe and natural in many ways.

However, do not forget to consult your doctor before you take this cactus-like succulent plant for your weight loss.

People who have heart problems and blood clotting disorders should not consume hoodia without their doctor’s approval. Since it is not a fruit that gives health benefits, you should certainly be careful before you bank on this genus of 13 species in the flowering plant family Apocynacea.

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So should I buy it?

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Go for it if you’ve got a lot to lose. But, be careful about the pros and cons of this weight loss supplement. It definitely plays a part in reducing the amount of calories intake, however a quick advice from your doctor will surely help you in the long run.

There are tons of hoodia pills and powder supplements available on the market. Just make sure to pick the one that comes from a reliable vendor.Visit Hoodia official website here

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