Top Fat Burning Foods to help lose weight and the extra flab

Fat Burning Foods are the best natural way to lose weight and shed ‘that’ jelly-belly. Good food is the ideal remedy one can consider for permanent weight loss and a healthy life.

We would love to shed ‘that’ jelly-belly or let’s say ‘that’ portly image (well, if we ever had one). Nobody’s up for a butterball body after all, at least not in the epoch where spiking the metabolism or losing those flabby muscles hogs a major chunk of the day.

Yes, being lean is in. Very much rather! However, carrying a svelte body frame ‘healthily’ is rather far more important in life. While there are tons of exercises that help cut those baggy tires, there are certain foods that could actually help you shoot metabolism and burn extra calories for a leaner ‘you’.

However, you have got a task here. Go to your veggies vendor, pick the stuff and chew. Yep, that’s right – just three simple steps. So here we go…We have listed below a quick list of some of the top fat burning foods to help you burn calories as you chomp down. Have a look.

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Best Fat Burning Foods


fat burning foodsThis green veggie isn’t just a treat to eyes but also packs in a whole lot of great deal to trim down the body slack. Interestingly, broccoli works like your training coach by assigning a task to your fat cells. No seriously, the veggie (in real) contains a unique component ‘phytonutrient sulforaphane’ that not just shakes hands with your fat cells, but also asks them to burn fat. Ugh, we so needed that one 😉

Lean meat

Ah, plant lovers – please excuse us on this point! Lean meat unremittingly deserves a good spot onto our list; it has got a huge amount of protein after all. And like we know, protein integrates a pretty impressive thermogenic effect. In fact, consuming lean meat will not only help you burn calories, but will also render a good amount of protein to your body. Sounds nothing but a double whammy to us! Way to go….

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A little lesson up for all of us ‘never judge a book by its cover’. Yep, avocados look bland and simple but honey; they are enriched with too many of good things that help cut down the drooping body fat. It acts as a super fast fat burner – all courtesy its embedded monounsaturated fat. Though it’s not so luscious, the healthy fruit is great enough to be picked up for a quick fat-burning session. Oh by the way, this one bags brownie points for turning off the body’s fat storage hormones as well. All thumbs up!

Low-fat dairy products

We’re still very much talking sense folks! Dairy products that are low in fat seriously contribute to trimming down in a big way. Low-fat dairy products are rather full of healthy calcium and vitamin D – something that will help you build muscle mass. Well…..that will further help your body maintain a strong metabolism. It’s a fat-burning food, no lies there.

Brazil nuts

Nope, you so don’t have to travel to Brazil to get these nuts. They are very much here and right at the place you pick your other nuts from. Brimmed with fat-burning components, Brazil nuts are superb for accelerating the fat burning activity in your body and for giving you a great shape. The tiny fat burners actually help increase the metabolic function in body by ‘intelligently’ converting the thyroid hormone to an active state. As an added bonus, Brazil nuts also help get away with toxins that tend to stockpile themselves in your fat cells. Yeah… you get a lean body frame as a result of it

Green tea

We all know that drinking a cup of green tea is a sure-sure way to detoxify and feel rejuvenated. However, do you know that gulping down a few cups of fresh green tea can help you burn calories? Well, it’s true and has proven itself time and again – treat yourself to green tea on a regular basis and you’ll find your waistline slimmer for sure. Though it usually takes about a couple of months to feel the difference, its catechins (a type of phytochemical) can surely change the way you feel about losing weight. The beverage basically works by increasing metabolism – pretty much of what we’ve been discussing here. Bingo!

Green Tea Fat Burner

Chia seeds

This is another mega food that plays a vital role in reducing a plump figure. Hard in looks, these tiny seeds are very powerful in combating those meaty curves on your body. Chia seeds come enriched with essential proteins, fiber, and of course the much-needed Omega 3 fatty acids. Make a habit of consuming these seeds on a consistent spree and you’ll soon have a slender shape. It does the trick by accelerating the metabolism and switching on glucagon – so yeah, metabolism runs faster and helps you lose the extra flab the natural way. Oh by the way, do not forget to soak Chia seeds for about 15-20 minutes into water before you consume them (you can mix these tiny seeds into a dessert or salad for sheer health goodness). Enjoy….

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Just do not skip on this one, for lentils give you a double power pack. The good news here is – one cup of lentils provides approx 35% of your everyday iron needs. And, those who are little dim on this benefit should definitely make lentils a part of their day. Since insufficient nutrients tend to slow down metabolism, you should ensure to get high on lentils.

Wild Salmon

We just can’t steer clear of the sheer goodness found in wild salmon. It works wonders, absolute wonders rather. Including this fish in your diet will not just spruce up your taste, but will also help cut off a few inches from your waist. The fish basically helps enhance insulin sensitivity in body – which in turn, leads to a leaner shape. Infused with Omega-3, wild salmon also contributes to triggering the thyroid hormone for a quicker metabolism. We love it 😉

Hot pepper

No honey, we are not asking you to simply swallow piquant peppers but to give them a healthy room in your food. Hot pepper is actually an amazing fat-burning food – credited mainly for its compound ‘Capsaicin’. Studies suggest that eating hot peppers mixed with other stuff can significantly help lose the extra fab. It works like this – its embedded capsaicin sends an adrenaline rush to one’s body which eventually thaws out additional calories. In fact, you may get the same benefit by eating it raw as well… just look out for that sensitive tongue though.

Red Pepper for weight loss – Dr.Weil


Ah sorry veggie lovers, we’ve got one more addition for sea-food lovers! Oysters….yep that super ‘low in calorie’ source of zinc. Oysters are weight loss foodsseriously your best bet if you want to go slim on your curves. In fact, imagine – chomping down half a dozen of oysters and still getting just about 50 calories. Ugh… like seriously? Well, this super food is great when it comes to offering a blend of good health and a lean body. Have them for decreasing your appetite and for increasing the intake of zinc. It’s divinely slimmishhhh!


Yeehah , we can see the number of faces that have just lit up with this! C’mon, there’s genuinely a good reason why we love our morning cup of hotly brewed coffee. It not just helps us kick-start our day, but also gets quick on melting the extra flab. Known for stimulating the nerves, coffee will seriously take you a long way on your mission of stimulating adrenaline and asking your body fat stores to burn fat. Simply grab yourself a cup of coffee…. hmm, you wouldn’t mind two, would you? 😉 & let those calories burn faster.


The flavoring food has a powerful role to play when it comes to fighting the body fat. According to some recently published studies, cinnamon may have a significant effect on evening out an individual’s blood sugar levels. As a result, it could trim down one’s cravings for food and hence, lower down the calorie intake. Whether you want to sprinkle it on your coffee or want a dash of it in your evening meal, cinnamon will surely help you keep your weight in check. Simple yet powerful!

Cinnamon and weight loss


Last but not the least; oatmeal is a super food to bank on for a slimmer waistline or leaner curves. It comes with essential fiber and takes a good amount of water to turn as a filling meal. Including oatmeal in your diet will leave you with a full stomach and of course, will kill your craving for other foods. It’s super healthy too!

And, that’s a wrap…

Okay, so we’re done with our list for the best fat-burning foods. Try them, re-invent them or merge them, it’s all up to you! However, do include them in your daily food plan if you’ve got your eyes on those skinny jeans or if you simply want to stay healthy for good. Here, we are signing off with a wise quote for you – The only way to look good is to eat healthy & stay happy. Oh, a slender framework will eventually follow.. 😉 Check out the best fat burners that really work!

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