Vintage Burn Fat Burner-Review of No.1 Muscle preserving supplement

If there is one right way to lose weight then it is without losing muscle. Every sensible person who knows about healthy weight loss accepts  this.

Vintage Burn Fat Burner is the top fat burner supplement that accomplishes this. This supplement from Old School Labs is really effective in preserving muscles when burning fat. So its placed in our top 5 recommended supplements on this site.

Losing muscle during weight loss is really bad. It is not the permanent way and is really injurious to your health. Vintage Fat Burner prevents this from happening.It is an extremely good fat burner that preserves muscle strength and converts stored fat into usable energy. It is also ideal for both men and women.

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How Vintage Burn Fat Burner Works

Most of the supplements burn muscle instead of fat and do lasting damage. Muscles typically burn fat like a machine. Infact if you have morevintage burn fat burner muscle you’re more likely to burn fat 3 times faster. Lose your muscle and you lose a natural in-built fat burner that keeps you lean. Preserve them and you can reduce/eliminate spending on supplements for a life time.

Step 1: Burns Fat – Vintage Burner has all the top fat burning ingredients one could think of. These ingredients make it a powerful fat burner one can rely on.

Step 2: Preserve Muscle – As said already this is the special characteristic of this ingredient. Unlike other fat burners which do not distinguish between the kind of tissue they burn, Vintage Burners isolates and burn adipose tissues.

Step 3: Improve focus & thermogenics – The proprietary mix allows you to stay focused and concentrate. Its thermogenic properties keeps your body metabolism high after exercise.

Vintage Burn Ingredients

The ingredients of Vintage Burn are carefully selected and processed. Old School Labs has the reputation of using high quality original ingredients in its formulation. The Vintage Burn ingredients are as follows.

Green Tea Leaf Extract – Green Tea is one of the best natural fat burners. It has awesome properties that a healthy body needs and boosts your metabolism. Check out or post on Green Tea as fat burner .

Green Coffee Bean Extract – Green Coffee is great for improving focus and strength. It limits glucose absorption and so helps to preserve lean muscle mass.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Garcinia helps reduce storage of new fat cells and promotes genuine fat burning. It also reduces appetite for carbohydrates – another important factor to lose weight.

Raspbery Ketones – Another natural fat burner to boost energy levels and metabolism. Check out best Raspberry Ketone supplement.

Chrysin – Chrysin preserves muscle. How? Maintaining natural estrogen levels at optimal levels in the human system. More muscle leads to enhanced resting metabolic rate (BMR) and results in fat loss.

Apart from the above top notch ingredients, Vintage Fat Burn also has a good amount of other fat burners. These include Olive Leaf Extract, Caffeine, Bacopa Leaf Extract and Forskolin extract

How are capsules manufactured and dosage guide?

Other manufacturers use fillers like Gelatin, aspartame and sucralose which add little value to weight loss as “Other Ingredients”. Old School Labs enlists all ingredients in a transparent manner on the label of VINTAGE BURN.

Instead of Gelatin for the capsule layer, plant made Vegetable Stearate is used for making the capsules. This ensures swift delivery of the potent ingredients.The capsules are made in GMP certified labs.

Recommended dosage for Vintage Burn

vintage burn

Vintage Burn Ingredients

The dosage guidance must be strictly followed. You must take 2 tablets a day which is the recommended serving size. So a bottle of Vintage Burn is likely to last for 2 months. You may raise the dosage to 3 times a day consulting with your doctor.

Take the pills 30-60 minutes before each meal. Avoid taking it 4 hours before bedtime as Vintage Burn contains Caffeine. Caffeine can disrupt your sleep pattern.

It is also recommended to take a 2 week break after two months of continuous usage. Vintage Burn is used by pro-body builders and it can be equally effective for you.

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Advantages of Vintage Burn

1)      From Old School Labs which is one of the best manufacturers of health products.

2)      All products are formulated in California and manufactured in USA in GMP certified labs.

3)      Comprehensive list of fat burning ingredients that are natural and very high quality.

4)      Full disclosure of all ingredients with exact quantity used in the capsule.

5)      Old School Labs does not mass produce and ensures strict quality. This means they manufacture only when the right ingredients are available at peak effectiveness.

Considering all these, we believe VINTAGE BURN Fat Burner is really effective. It can be an effective aid or supplement to your weight loss routine.

What do you think about Vintage Burn? Have you used it before? Let us know in the comments below.

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