Weight loss supplements safety & side effects – A review


Most people who try and lose weight either have it going for them or not. Those who do and find it easy generally have a good amount of will power and sometimes a lot of time on their hands, and need no help from supplements. Then there are is the majority of those who want to lose weight but cannot just with a change of diet and exercise alone. That is why supplements are used by so many and it is important that those that use supplements to help lose weight know how to use them properly and safely, and also know the side effects of using such an item.

How To Use Supplements Safely/Properly

The easiest thing to do is to follow directions of the supplement. It is not stressed enough how much one has to follow them all. If it says take two pills a day with so much water 30 minutes before a meal, then be sure to do that as close as possible. It is not a good thing to just take it whenever the time feels right or right before a work out, only because it would not give the maximum effects or be as efficient as they claim to be on the package.

safety of supplementsSo long that is done; most likely they will work very well. However there is a downside to this. If it does work well, too well, then the dosage should be taken back to probably half of the original amount. Now don’t cut a pill in half in order to get half of the dosage, just make sure that everything is still working fine and continue with the instructions properly.

Another way to be safe is if there is any medication being taken but also wish to take a supplement along with it, it would be much better if one consults their doctor before even thinking about starting or buying new pills to put into their system. Even if there are those that are all natural and have no harsh chemicals in it, losing weight to fast or mixing it with medications could prove bad in the end run.

For most medications, they are given to a person whose body weight can take it. If one was to lose weight rapidly and continue to take the medication for those of a larger size then it could be very bad for their system to keep taking, maybe even have more of an effect than what was intended in the first place.

Sometimes, another benefit to note of, the medication needed sometimes is taken away because of the healthy body that people can achieve from working out and exercising. That means less counting of pills, less chemicals entering the body, and more things that are completely natural to the system and still being yourself and happy.

Like any system though, there would be a transition period. There is no magical cure for being overweight and wanting to lose it, no supplement can shed off pounds by doing nothing. The one taking it still has to put in a little bit of effort in order to try and lose the weight in a healthy and gradual manner. Some methods for safe usage of supplements we repeatedly suggest at many places in this website

  • Take them with lots of water and preferably before 6PM
  • Never exceed recommended dosage
  • Adopt a good exercise and diet regimen
  • If you have previous medical condition, then consult a doctor before supplement usage
  • Don’t combine more than 2 variety/brands of pills. A mixed effect might become harmful for some

Side Effects of supplements

Some good side effects were mentioned above; the getting rid of some medications and of course better health. But that is working out in general. Using a supplement would aid the process and help it along for those who possibly could not do it normally.

A very common side effect with weight loss pills are an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, toppled with insomnia, restlessness and nervousness. Most of this is because it is what happens during a normal workout, and it is getting your body ready to work out. When working out the heart rate naturally increases to supply more oxygen to the blood, which is what the pill is doing on its own.

All of these side effects however generally only happen when the person taking the pill does not use it properly with a good workout plan set for them. Because of more oxygen, it causes alertness and more energy to be given to the body for it to expend. It is almost similar to taking a B vitamin pill or drinking a lot of caffeine; it causes jitters and over stimulation at times and if not expelled can be very annoying to others and the user.

Some do increase the body temperature to a little above normal and causes sweating so much over the person using it. Again this is because while working out normally the body does heat up and sweat to try and keep the skin hydrated. Everything that does happen as a side effect usually does and only happens while working out, and most of the time is nothing to be afraid of.

A good side effect is that extra burst of energy to be able to lose the weight. Using it for the intended effect, a person would be more tired than usual but be able to shed off the pounds of fat that they have accumulated over many years or months at a time. Most wouldn’t consider the intended effect as a side effect, but it does shed off water weight which is always a hassle to try and handle.

Depending on the body chemistry, it can work better for most and help shed faster or slower on some and make it more gradual. The speed depends on the already existing metabolism rate of reaction. It could increase the metabolic rate which would be good for many and make sure everything works out great in the end run. Make sure you use them as intended & advised.

Weight loss pills are a good thing to try out for those that really do need them in order to shed the pounds and add years to their lives. Of course as with anything there is risk to it, but the rewards can be better than anything else imagined to a person.


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